About Cala de la Cruz Swimwear and Resortwear

Cala de la Cruz is a dynamic resort-wear brand fusing bold yet simple designs with a joyous free spirit and conscious mindset. Inspired by the beauty of everyday, the brand combines timeless silhouettes with sophisticated prints created by textile designer and the brand’s creative director Carolina Lopez.  The collection is produced in Columbia by small local businesses.

Cala de la Cruz evokes a small and alluring beach. The word “cala", in Spanish, defines a small rounded bay where the sea calmly sets. It is a relaxing location where hours can be spent under the sun. Cala de la Cruz is an imaginative warm place that always promises a festive and joyful time.

The brand's creative director, Carolina Lopez, is a passionate textile designer graduated from The Savannah College of Art and Design, who gives life to the brand through her bold illustrations and intuitive sense of color.


Cala de la Cruz pieces are designed to be timeless and to last a lifetime. For this reason they do not follow trends and instead focus on producing excellent quality products that ensure a longer life cycle and reduce rapid consumption.

Production is made locally in Cali, Colombia by a small family owned business with over 15 years experience producing swimwear and resort wear.


100% Linen: This plant based fabric uses less water and it is grown without chemicals.

Organic Cotton: Uses less energy and water. Produces 94% less greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycled polyamide: Cala de la Cruz swimwear is made from 53% certified polyamide from old fishing nets and carpets, preventing plastic from ending in landfills and oceans.

Buttons and Hardware:  Cala de la Cruz use hardware made from organic waste like coconut shells and recycled wood. Pigments used are certified free of lead and other dangerous metals.


Evovero: Natural and renewable material, with 50% lower emissions and water impact than generic viscose.

Tencel: Tencel production process recycles 95% of the production materials back into its manufacturing system.

Recycled polyester: 100% recycled polyester threads made from post-consumer plastic bottles.

Digital Printing:  Cala de la Cruz designs are digitally printed which drastically reduces water and toxic waste, compared to other printing techniques., saving millions of liters of water every year.

Fabric Usage:  Cala de la Cruz cut their fabrics to create minimal fabric waste.  For this reason prints might fall differently on some styles, making each piece unique.

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