JADEtribe is a collection of colorful bags and accessories fabricated using beautiful textiles from around the world.  100% natural and ethical, this collection is designed by Kimberly Hartman to enrich the lives of the women who create them, while creating stylish accessories with a chic bohemian vibe.

Kimberly Hartman is the Designer and CEO of JADEtribe. A Texas girl at heart, she grew up in Houston and graduated with a degree in Fashion Marketing from the University of North Texas. Kimberly worked in Dallas, Los Angeles and Paris before moving to New York to manage some of the top contemporary fashion brands throughout her career.

Deciding it was time for a break and to think about her next move, Kimberly indulged her love of travel and set off on an extended solo trip to India and South East Asia in the Fall of 2008. It was in Laos where Kimberly discovered a weaving village that she experienced her “Aha” moment. Captivated by the colors of the natural organic dyes coupled with their incredible weaving skills and the remarkable textiles these women were creating, Kimberly employed this village to create exclusive colors and patterns that became the foundation of the JADEtribe handbag collection.

A little bit beach-y, a little bit bohemian jet set, and 100 percent natural and ethical, JADEtribe is the true embodiment of fashion with a conscience. Whether it’s the handbag repurposed from hand embroidered baby carrier cloths, or the hand braided jewelry that jingles, or the organically dyed and hand loomed traditional textiles, each element of JADEtribe carries in it a piece of Kimberly’s heart and a piece of the hearts of the women in South East Asia whose lives have been improved by making it.