Khaven is a high end Parisian swimwear and resort wear brand embodying a radiant, feminine sprint and refined elegance.  Since its inception in 2017, Khaven has embraced the essence of luxury, characterised by thoughtful design, impeccably crafted pieces, captivating colors, enduring styles, and carefully chosen materials.

Style details include swimwear that is crafted without visible seams, creating a flattering and comfortable second skin effect without seams that mark the body, high quality French fabric that was selected for opacity, durability and comfort, and carefully crafted unique signature details such as braiding, pleating and buttons.

With its origins rooted in Parisian design, Khaven is manufactured in Casablanca, the founder and designer’s city of birth, with meticulous attention to detail and impeccable finishing.  The GOTS certified manufacturer is committed to exemplary working conditions, employee training and education, and environmental issues.

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